Christy Calbos and Debbie Dobbs

Edly: For the Love of Ability was co-founded by Georgia special education advocate Debbie Dobbs
and special education attorney Christy Calbos. Edly’s mission is to ensure that families learn and
use helpful special education resources and assistance. Edly IEP Consulting & Advocacy, LLC. will
open its doors to train and match IEP consultants and advocates to families.

Debbie and Christy teamed up to create this company. Both have family members with special
abilities. Edly was created out of their desire to reach more families in ways that will help them
feel confident about their child’s special education in public schools. For the past 10 years,
Debbie has worked as an advocate for children with disabilities. Trained by the Georgia Advocacy
Office, she guides families to educational and financial resources, answers parents’ special
education questions, and attends school meetings to create appropriate IEPs and 504 plans. Christy
is an attorney for families and what makes her unique is that she was previously an attorney for
school districts. She knows what goes on in districts and the how & why behind district decisions.
In 2011, she realized that parents needed her help more than school systems, so she turned in her
notice and opened the doors to her law firm (The Calbos Law Firm) where she helps families who
have special education concerns. Christy attends IEP and 504 meetings and assists with complaints.

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Title: Top 5 Reasons Why Parents Hire Educational Advocates & Attorneys and How Savvy Educators Can Avoid Complaints

Purpose: The presenters will shed insight on why families with children with special needs decide to work with special education advocates and attorneys. Presenters will assist educators in finding solutions to help them work collaboratively with families both prior to and at school meetings.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Educators will leave the meeting with inside knowledge about parent perceptions, common mistakes, and why families decide to hire advocates and attorneys.
  2. Educators will learn how to proactively avoid common pitfalls which can damage a collaborative school-family relationship.
  3. Specific strategies will be provided to help educators avoid ongoing problems.